Taking care of long neglected chores is – in some ways – rewarding.  I also think that this helps you understand a lot about yourself.  Even though everything  was very much there, the will to do it was not.  I was not willing to pay attention – didn’t think it important enough – I was not in the mood.  So it got pushed back, got forgotten and buried.
I realize that this happens all the time. Finally, getting around to do it, I become aware of the particular reason or reasons behind it. This is – in a way – therapeutic too.

Do you understand what I am trying to say?

Pushing it under the carpet, burying my head in sand like an Ostrich will not help in any way. Better bite the bullet.  So I did.

In today’s scheme of things was a promise too.  Being hard and harsh, in some ways, sometimes is the only way if I want to keep it.  Yet, I cannot assure its durability.  A friend professes : ” who says promises are for keeping. They are made to break. This is their charm.”  I don’t know what kind of charm he meant; neither did I ask.
I came across something in my note book.  ” she didn’t implore Bibi this time. ”   Sounds ominous, isn’t it?
and then,
” always remember that there is nothing in life called affinity – mental or emotional. Ego always has an upper hand.”
and then,
” zakhm e umeed bhar giya kab ka

qais to apne ghar gia kab ka. ”

I had my doctor’s appointments coming  – most feared one!! So I went on the date all jittery and nervous. He gave me a clean bill of health.. He said all is well and working fine. I wanted to give him a smile at the choice of his words, but I didn’t. It was relief.

Abu Dhabi friends visiting Florida. We took them out to dinner. and had an enjoyable evening. Weather was again cold . A chilling wind was blowing and rains too that at times became heavy. But it didn’t make any dent in the mutual happiness. With age they have mellowed down. The wife always had a fiery nature but now she was quieter and gentler towards her husband. It was not fighting. It was more like being in constant arguments. Not agreeing with what the other said. But they never were dis-respectful. We always enjoyed and sometimes laughed at their friendly banter which was not there this time.

I certainly needed this break. Their company, the lively conversation. Remembering old times. It was fun. A much needed distraction. Cannot say more.

A wedding reception. A friend’s daughter’s giving away ceremony. A new beginning for a new couple. There is a whole life of ups and downs, expectations and experiences ahead of them. May they meet those coming times with love, respect and calm resilience. May they have a blissfully happy companionship. A friend at one point said, ” if one is a Virgo and the other is a Sagittarius, it would be a most suitable union.”

What was she talking about? she certainly didn’t know anything about Stars !!

Ordered a few books from my wish list on my Kindle.

Tried a casserole recipe. Turned out very well.

Replied all of the pending email messages. Feels so good.  Really.

Irshad sahib emailed informing that Zavia is with the publisher now, who promises it to be ready in a weeks time. Amazing!  but we shall believe when we see it. Irshad always keeps me updated about Zavia and its progress. Thank you Khan sahib! ( he is no khan. I just call him khan sahib sometimes)

Mustafa Karim is not well. Writes very short notes to me these days. Sometimes repeats himself over again. writes that his wife and daughter are taking good care of him. I wish you health and strength my friend!

I will not say that I don’t miss my Facebook friends.   Familiar names posting their day’s likes and finds and thoughts and on the other side of the world, I read and appreciate them. This sure is a touch base or, home run feeling. Thanks guys!

There was a yellow folded paper on the back porch, trembling in the cold wind or …  I do not know why I thought that it was a message to some one from someone. I went out, picked it up – and sure it was what I thought. ” would you be my Valentine?”

Who wrote to who. One thing is sure though; either the recipient didn’t care much about the sender or is now frantically looking for it. The good thing is the sender probably is not aware of the fate of his or her love message.  Breaking a heart is like committing a sin. Right?

Read something this morning and could not let it pass by.

When people walk away from you, let them go

Your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you.

It does not mean they are bad people.

It just means that their part in your story is over.

Need say no more !

Monday,Feb,18, 2013

2:o4 am.

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