urdu stories

Here is a collection of some of my Urdu work.

Bhoole Huae Loge

This is one of my stories published in the 1970s....

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Nusrat ki Yaddashten

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دیکھو ایسا مت کرن1.doc














yeh sab khail hein



jhan phool khilte thhe





nusratkiyaaddashtennusrat ki yad-dashten is from my novel Adam ki Pasli -  aadam's rib - means a woman was created from Adam's rib ....

Enjoy the following stories, in Adobe PDF format.

waqat kab sunta he This was published in "montage " a literary journal published in memory of Qasimi sahib.

baazigar - I had written this afsana for Qasimi sahib but then Agha Babar wanted one too. He was going to Lahore where his another famous brother used to edit a journal. Agha sahib wanted a story for that and said he would not take a "no". I sent this to him. It did appear in ALAMAT. Was appreciated. Sain Sucha translated it into English. My son who has made a name for himself making short films for festivals, liked it and wanted to work on it. He has made a few more films since. He is looking but so far has not found the right actors for this one.  So, we will wait.

Baat Dariya Ki -Dariya, flowing body of water, river, symbol for life and this life sometimes becomes dysfunctional. I think writing  stories about dysfunctional families is very challenging. But ...  I have always enjoyed picking up difficult themes.

Picnic -Why is it under the main heading of ' bulaway?' because I have more of these 'invitations' and I think I will add them one by one ... soon.

Shehron Ki Safai -Preaching is not my domain. But when corruption strikes from more than one fronts it becomes hard for a writer to stay away from reality and keep writing love songs.