so you missed …

You would never know what you have missed, she said
and never know the way
love loves to love.
knowing me was like an honor
I hardly bestow on any one.
Days and nights you think about me
hold my memories close to your heart.
Tip toeing around your heartache,
you sat your days and talk.
my thoughts you hold like orchids bloom
like melodies from the past.
Hiding them deep down like secrets ,
secrets of those treasures old.
Nights. – and talk about the nights!
you spend the nights in total disbelief –
how could you have let go,
let go of a dream you dreamed
all your life, you dreamed.
I know its hard.
but who said you
have to be so brave
for a life you only lived once
and once lived, is no more.

Friday Feb 15, 2013

2:02 am.

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