feeling good ..

Its Friday today. It was last Friday that my throat started hurting. It is exactly eight days since.  My doctors visit, antibiotics, headaches, body aches, hacking cough blocked sinuses, hearing impaired, soups and crackers for meals. Breads, grains, cheerios making me nauseous, losing seven pounds of body weight – I went through all this in these eight days.  Today was the last day of the antibiotics. I feel slightly better and hope to regain some strength gradually.  I take a reclining position in front of my computer and this is how I keep myself  connected to the outside world.

I have never been a fan of television but during this time I thought I would ride through my sickness days watching TV. But Gave up on the first attempt. My hearing limitations made me raise the volume so high the whole house seemed to be vibrating –  so I was told .. well may be it was a bit of an exaggeration but still, I honestly would never inflict such misery on any one. I have zero tolerance for people talking loudly, or just making din out of nothing.  I remember when in August my brother in law was visiting us, these two brothers would talk incessantly- nonstop – without any comma, semi colon or full stop to take a breath. Oh my!!

At home, I had many escape routs but when going out, three of us cooped up in the car, this non stop talking was too much for me. Finally my son got me some earplugs, and oh what bliss!. I would go sit in the back seat, , a cushion at my  back, a cushion in my lap and my kindle resting on it, I would be in the same car cabin for two hours and know nothing about what was going on. Hallelujah!

My children are the best. Very loving very caring. But when their mama is sick they become angels. One of them is married so he has his family commitments. And the second one of them? I always say that every mother should have one like him. He is a Virgo and I am Sagittarius. I read somewhere that these two Zodiac signs  are special and understand each other well . Well I read this just recently but I have known this for ages that he keeps a watchful eye on my happiness, my well being and so much more.  He is the one who stayed the nights with me in the hospital way back in 2009 when I had to have a major surgery. I don’t know what my baby went through sitting by his – still under the influence of anesthesia – mother’s side , all by himself  but I still remember his routine  he kept during those days and nights. And at night, he would sleep on a recliner and on the first stirring or sound from me, he would jump to his feet and ask me

” what is it mama? you need something? Are you comfortable?”

And the nurses coming in, going out all night, checking this noting that and my baby not getting any sleep. Someone would come around eleven in the morning to relieve him. He would go home take a shower and off to his office.

Is it that the people who did something good get rewarded so good. I am sure I did something exceptionally good

But he is a little bossy too which I absolutely love.  For example:

“I told you to take Guafaneficine “( sorry, I am not sure about the spellings)

‘yes you did but the tablets were blue, so blue, they would have made me look blue.( he ignored my attempt at being cute)

“No they wouldn’t have made you look blue. On the first sign of any sniffles, always start taking those tablets. This would protect you from all this misery.”

“Okay, okay. Next time I will remember that.”  I try to assure him how cooperative I am.

Today he was talking to me from his office.

“How are you feeling mama.”

“feeling alright. Took last dose of antibiotics.”

“yeah good. In a couple more days you will be feeling fine.”

“yes. I hope so.”

then he ordered his mama to go out and sit in the sun for good half an hour

But I have light skin color, ten minutes should be fine for me. I tried to wiggle out of this

“No no, just go, ammi.  Sit in the sun. Its good for you.”

Didn’t I say they think I am their younger sister!!

I love that 🙂

Thanks for listening my friends. I feeling good already!.

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