some more floats …

That was last night.  Now is to-day.

I was feeling  – actually I was beyond feeling anything and still I managed a few lines to talk about the historic event. The last thing that I vaguely remember I thought was Mahir Ali and his column in Dawn on Wednesdays. I remember his column he wrote when Bush won the second term. But that was Bush and this  is Obama. And if he chose to write about this President and his winning the second term, I would certainly want to read that. I love the way he writes.

I am feeling – yes I can feel – better today. The worst is over.

I haven’t made any search effort though because every time  I try to get up and do something my energy level raises a finger and I meekly go back to rest. Where am I going to get any energy if all I am eating is soup, black tea and a slice of toasted bread. Problem is that even this is hard to eat and keep it down.  Enough. Talk about something else.

I am not on fb anymore. This is a statement I didn’t need to issue nor I am supposed to do any explaining. Some things just happen; and it is good that they happen. I hope people are happy and they would let other people be happy too.

Islamic new year is about to start. Mah e Muharram! The first month of the year. It breaks my heart every time I think of all the people who laid down their lives one scorching hot summer afternoon. This was Prophet Muhammad’s family and friends. Just seventy two brave, honorable faithfuls. So we would commemorate their martyrdom – And who I would mourn more? the martyrs or the respected ladies of the house who were made prisoners and were walked without any veil, barefoot, all the way to Sryia.

I think of these days like taking a refreshers course in – what ‘commitment’ means.

Yes. Commitment.

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