humble and forgiving …

There is something about the month of Muharram that makes me humble and forgiving. The first thing that I do is forget and forgive past and present hurts. I start the year with a clear conscience; and same way I want people to forgive me if I had hurt them in any way.  Sometimes it was me at fault and other times the other person was. I always make the first move to reach out . It makes me feel good.

I honor my history and I am proud of my heritage.  Also, I absolutely love  my tradition. But I am not going to talk about what happened some 14 /15 hundred years ago because it is very personal to me, we all have a private niche in our hearts where we retreat in times like these. Some people understand it, some don’t. I will just add one sentence , though, that whatever it was, was and is enough to rip one’s heart.

I forgive you my friend. And I need your forgiveness too.

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