Here we go again. Rain, rain and some more rain. Hurricane Isaac is in the making. It is tropical storm at this point but once it hits The Keys it will be a category 2 hurricane. Poor Key West, home of Hemingway! I have been to that place and am in love with the city ever since. I hope everything will be the same as ever after the hurricane has come and gone.

I don’t think we will be affected much by its high winds or lashing rains. We, the Floridians are used to it. We get a show of rain, lightening and thunder every afternoon – on a regular basis. We are friends with nature. But still a warning and a list of precautionary measures was taped to our doors by The Home Owners Association, to protect “yourself and your neighbors.”  Yes sir, we will do that.

Every time a Hurricane heads this way, every one checks a list, just in case.

1 – Bottled Water? Yes

2 – Candles? Yes

3 – Match box? Yes

4 – Non perishable Food items? Yes

5 – First Aid box? Yes

6 – Remove Patio furniture? Yes

7 – Remove garden ornaments? Yes.

8 – Board the Windows? Yes

9 – Unplug Electronics? Yes

10 – Bring the potted plants indoors? Yes

There may be more items in the list but you get the idea.

So now let us wait and see if the Republican Convention on Monday gets cancelled! Monday is the day when Isaac will be passing Tampa.

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