i remember…

I remember even today, that whenever I was sad, my nani ma would sit me down beside her and listen to my woe with a kind hand on my shoulder. Then she would make me look at her , in her eyes and tell me to listen to her carefully. I cannot forget her words. They still resonate in my memory. ” listen my beti, light of my eyes, suroor of my heart, there is always another day. If  it didn’t happen today, maybe you will get it tomorrow or maybe day after. do not get disappointed. Everything happens for a reason …. ” For a young and innocent heart this probably was a heavy duty consoling but I never argued.

Sometimes she would say  … ” you know what? sometimes we can also change things if we wish and pray hard.”

The kindness and assurance  exuding from her words always had a calming effect on my bruised psyche’.

Once sitting in a majlis, listening to the speaker, I thought what nani ma had said that we can change things if we wish and pray hard’ . I looked at the speaker with a hope. But those were the days when hearts were young and innocent. And young and innocent hearts have a tendency to get distracted easily.

Today is one of those times when nothing looks good or makes sense. I will not say more than that for fear of a cliche’.

21 Ramadhan, 1434.

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