A few days back I posted this on Facebook:

“Its so darn hot out here. We can make a perfect sunny side up on these roads. Really. Not making it up. Then I forgot the first line of Meer Anees couplet from a Marsia. Second line is –  par jaain laakh aable paaie nigaah mein  –   which I wanted to quote in support of my claim.
What is the first line? Anyone!”

Didn’t get even a nibble. Then I asked a dear Professor in Chicago. He said he remembers the marsia but not this particular line. Disappointed, I pulled my post back.

I used to own two volumes of Meer Anees marsias. A friend borrowed and never returned. Then we came here and those books became history. Did I learn anything from that experience? No 🙂

Now after two days I am putting it on again, here, for better luck.

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