March 27, 08. It was again that time when I cannot decide what I am feeling and I don’t even try to find out, just submit, if that is what it is.

Submit. Who takes over after that? I don’t try to find out that either. Just curl inside myself and let the thoughts flow. watch them flowing, like they are someone else’s thoughts, not mine. I watch!!

Back porch time!

So I was sitting there, watching the planes fly by… a take-off and soaring in the sky – a sky, sometimes blue, sometimes shimmering gold in the setting sun, or grey and cloudy – then a sudden thrust and a clap of thunder like noise. So I was sitting and watching, thinking the thoughts, nameless thoughts. Do I need peace and quiet, a stress free life? You bet I do. Isn’t that every one’s dream?

Anderson Cooper was not his usual self. We all are sick and tired of this prolonged bickering of the walkers walking the presidential trail. Was that the reason that had changed the color of his eyes? he was not even enjoying Erika’s lively playful reporting. Or was it the news item about the billion dollar rich Wal-Mart suing its employee, who is suffering some mental disease? But Cooper is a media person. He cannot take sides. he can only report, read and tell the news – other people’s stories. Does it mean that other people’s stories do not affect us? what a news reader reads or a reporter reports cannot touch his mind and his heart? Or maybe it was just me looking through the blue glass window.

How can I say that – that other people’s stories don’t touch a person’s heart and soul? Everybody saw that couple – an elderly husband sitting beside his mentally ‘dead’ wife! But – I trust humanity and I trust that there is some one out there who would come forward and help them

March 29, 08. Stories of war in Iraq are making me weepy eye again.

I came across this very true saying on the internet: “War is delightful to those who have had no experience of it.” — Desiderius Erasmus, humanist and theologian (1466- 1536).

April 2, 08. Sometimes back a young person from Pakistan sent me an email. He wrote ” hope is my best friend. We hold hands and spend hours strolling down the hills and vales. Sometimes when I am low, she ties the bells around her ankles and sings and dances, sings and dances for me till I see the horizon turn rosy again… ”

I hope his horizon is rozy and bright.

April 4, 08. Another find: “Let the beauty we love be what we do” —Rumi

April 7, 08. So I was not wrong when I said that something seems wrong with Cooper. He has developed some skin problem. Good news is, it is treatable.

April 8, 08. I have been requested to write an editorial for an Urdu magazine. I write short stories. This would be a new experience and I don’t mind trying my hand at it.

Sometimes back I was requested to translate a Commencement Speech from English to Urdu which I did and that has already been published in a magazine. This was a speech by a well known Cardiologist in Ohio who was invited to address the new crop of Graduates of a Medical College there. His friends and buddies from Pakistan wanted Urdu reading population to read his excellent address. One of them approached me with the request and since I had some experience in this field, I agreed to do it.

It helps to keep the mind in working order.

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