respect and hope

The other day someone on some talk show, or maybe it was some news analyst, said that “Clinton was using Machiavellian tactic”.

That makes her cunning and deceitful. I didn’t say that – it’s The Oxford Dictionary that says what this term means. But if one person notices and points out her Machiavellian traits then surely there are plenty more who would agree with him.

Obama on the other hand delivers a message that reinforces love, respect and hope. Love for the country, Respect for its citizen and Hope for the future. He wants to bring change and change promises all of the above. He is not “stooping low” to achieve his goals. He is not using Machiavellian tactics. He promised respect and dignity and he is holding on to his promise. Did any one hear him shouting “shame on you Hillary”? There were plenty of occasions when he could have said that but he didn’t. Prefers to stay away from such cheap shots. In my opinion she is trying her best to make him retaliate, to shoot back, to say something nasty in the same vein to give her a reason to target his promise of change, his talks of running a positive Presidential campaign. They keep trying to bait him, wishing him to trip and fall by offering him to team up, to run on the same ticket as her VP. At one moment planting doubts about his patriotism, his middle name and the next offering him an olive branch – VP-ship! Obama actually replied to this very ‘smart’ idea – a number 2 person is offering the number 2 position to the number 1 person!

And who will benefit from this offer, if I may ask? Oh please, its not even funny!!

And now about his middle name Hussein. The man himself says he is a Christian. Why not believe him? His father may have been a Muslim at one point, but every one knows that later in life he had become an atheist. And there is something that no one seems to know, that in Southeast Asia, there are Jews and Christians who have Muslim names. Go to India or even Pakistan, and you will find Hindus and Sikhs carrying Muslim names. Even if Obama’s father was not a Muslim, there still was a possibility of him being given a Muslim name – the father was born in Africa after all. So please don’t make a big deal of it. Its just a name, like any other name. Just honor the man and value his spirit. He is writing a new chapter in our history books.

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