with love in our hearts

Two of the participants in the forum were quite old – maybe in their late 60s or early 70s; dressed in all white with white turbans and long, flowing white beards. Looking at them one would think they were a pair of mullahs with jihad and militancy on their minds. They were not fat though; they didn’t even have hanging down bellies which is usually the first sign of corruption in a mullah who uses religion for his personal gains. As the discussion progressed, it appeared that they were in fact two simple figures with an unassuming attitude and they were first rate scholars. Well read, well acquainted with world history and current world affairs. They were healthy looking, sharp, alert and intelligent people.

A young listener in the audience asked why a student, even after finishing college, does not know what he wants to do in life.

One of the bearded smiled and recited a couplet in Persian and then translated it.

many blessings on my father who took me to my teacher and told him to teach me LOVE.

And then he concluded his answer “with love in our hearts, we can achieve anything.”

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