lal means red, part II

These despicable terrorists are now targeting Chinese people living in Pakistan. Chinese ! of all the people! live and let live practicing, Peace loving, hard working, polite and beautiful people!

Some body please tell me what is wrong with this fanatic, so called Mulla community? We thought it was their privilege to spread the Islamic teachings of peace, respect, tolerance, humanity and humility not tyranny and imposing unlawful authority over who ever they decide. These tyrants who deny basic human rights to women,are now using them for their own agendas by arming them with batons and poles to go out and threat those who are not militants like them.

But do they have any idea what they are doing to the country? They are Killing, abducting , burning the buildings, destroying property, ruining businesses. Do they have any idea that their destructive behavior
would ruin the economy. And a weak economy means a weak and vulnerable country.

My question is where all this money come from? The money these people freely spend on weapons and militancy? Why militancy? why not better educational facilities? All this money if spent on providing better educational facilities then of course they would be hailed for taking care of the woes of the poor and helping them work towards a better future. The more educated and enlightened a society the more chance it has to improve and stand beside the civil societies of the world. A burqa clad baton wielding female does not look respectable.

The whole world is watching … may be laughing too …ha ha, let these uneducated, jungle people kill each other. Good riddance .. world would be a whole lot better place without them. And you know what? When a vacuum occurs air rushes in from all directions to claim it.

Think about that. No? you think it does not happen in today’s world? I would say stop living in a fool’s paradise. There is a good chance, some one might say, enough is enough, lets do something.

Hmmm something! Remember British traders who came to your country for salt,Indigo and some Indian herbs? and stayed over for 2oo years ruling over you. So, – God forbid – if it ever happens; then?

Making a case for an operation is easy. We have done that before.

just wanted to share with you that the burqa clad, slinging a ladies purse on his arm, fleeing for his life moulana was even wearing stiletto heels, they say.

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