tooth fairy

My six years old granddaughter calls me from Toronto to tell me that one of her tooth is getting loose.

Its good to know that her growing up is good and on right track but what would you do to comfort a grandmother’s heart that this precious thing in her life, might sometimes have a toothache if a tooth is too loose but still hanging on and eating and drinking is making it even worse.

But she was her usual happy self. I asked her if she wanted someone to fix it. “oh no Dadi, I will get a new tooth after this one falls off. also the Tooth Fairy will be happy to get my tooth and I will be happy with what she would give me”

What do you think she is going to give you, I asked.
“Sometimes they give candy or something sweet and sometimes they give money. But you know Dadi, I think she is going to give me money.” Good thinking ! but who was the real thinker here? I had to suppress a laugh.

I told her that we would tell the Tooth fairy her wish. “Okay Dadi, thank you and I love you. Now where is Dada? May I talk to him too?”

I handed the Phone to her Dada. And when I was leaving the room I heard him say “oh your tooth is …… ”

She was making sure that this very important news reaches all the right corners of her world.

Please Tooth Fairy, be nice to her! I said a little prayer before leaving the room to a smart kid and a gullible Dada.

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