lal means red

They tell the weak, and the poor and impressionable minds to go and do the suicide bombing, lay down their lives for the sake of Allah. Wipe out the enemy. They sit on the pulpits and malign their young hearts, feed them on anger quench their thirst for knowledge on their own personal agendas.

I am not generalizing but look at the Moulanas of Lal Masjid. This is what they were doing. They say they were teaching them religion. If so, then why were these moulanas arming these young boys with guns and grenades? and young, burqa clad girls with batons? Why were they sending their student to drag the women folks from their homes just because this self styled army of good governance didn’t approve of their way of life, their being modern. Or, storming the businesses because they do not want female sales girls to serve their male customers.

They were trying to establish a government within a government.

And now when the authorities came to warn them of the consequences, they took oath from their students on Quran to fight with the law till the last drop of their blood but themselves they were making plans for their own escape to some safe place.

One of them tried to escape with a group of women. He was wearing a burqa and holding a hand bag when a ranger spotted him/her. This was the ‘Khateeb of the Masjid who was escaping Without any care for all those young boys and girls who listened to him and more than anything trusted him. Listened to his sermons every morning because he was the ” Khteeb ” of the masjid !! Shame on him. He is a blot on the name of Islam.

Islam, a peaceful religion. Preaching tolerance and brotherhood. Sending the message of love and peace.
Islam that favors the color green … the color of peace and tranquility.

Not Lal – red – the color of aggression.

One thought on “lal means red

  1. Great post. Typical cult mentality… “we must all die for the cause!” And then when the soldiers come, the leader tries to escape dressed like a woman. Pathetic.

    What do they say about the lowest depths of the Fire being saved for the hypocrites?

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