stay safe …

” Khamoshi is sometimes the indicative of lack of interest and approaching ‘end season’. After that, still trying to hang on would be called – pathetic. You would need a head exam. So better run in the opposite direction if you wanted to save some shards of self respect.

Better say salaam, collect your things, sling the ‘gutthri’ of your belongings on your shoulder and leave while you can – resp…ectfully. Don’t think that receiving a two liner, a cliché, a blase’ attempt to hint on affection had any deep meanings – ever. Realize and believe this all has lost its ‘sweet nothings’ status. It does not affect you any more like it used to. Forget that you used to read such messages with tears in your eyes. Forget that you used to pray to your Deities for his love and attention.
Stop being a door mat. Stop. Period. ”

This is a very familiar base to build something on it. In fact stories like these are a dozen a dime. I am not a psychotherapist but I Know it when someone needs help. Sometimes I even sat myself up for something that was bothering me and don’t leave till I have some insight into the matter. My mum used to say that there was some ‘khalul of dimagh” that I was suffering from. Rest in peace mama, I think this is the best ability that my Allah make me have it. I am not one of those who start doing ‘ hai, hai, around any problem, big or small.

I wouldn’t say my life was a smoothe sailing. Every relationship has teething problems in the beginning and goes through ups and downs to finally get to a solid ground.

Does infatuation also go the same route? No, I don’t think so. Its totally a different ball game. No reasoning of any kind would work until you yourself would open your eyes and arrive to a place called ‘sanity’ ! and if you have ‘ that’ in you, a cliché, a two liner bakwas, a blase’ attempt to hint on an affection that never was there in the first place – would do that for you.

Stay safe.

August,7, 2013
9:42 in the morning.

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