hope follows …

 Angry times are here.  Yes, these are angry times.  and I do not see them leaving any time soon.  Judgmental rulings are passed freely. If I say that every one thinks that what he/she is saying is the only truth, then I too would be joining the ranks of those so called self righteous   ‘personalities’. No sir. I am pretty sure I would be the last person standing who would do that. I read such writings and break into hives.  I mean why judge others instead of saving your breath for a better cause. Sitting down and issuing “fatwas” is easy but getting off your rump and going out, doing something nice and constructive and not for showing off purposes is what leaves a lasting impression and infuses goodwill and a desire to do the same. Criticizing others has never been constructive.  It breeds resentment that later is let out on some other easy target and so this vicious circle or chain comes into being – becomes endless! 

Do we love to hurt others?  Well that’s not good if we do. It should be love, love and love.  Spread the message of love and hope will follow. I know in present day scenario, it sounds childish. But why not. We all love children … ours as well as others. Don’t we? why do we have to prove that we are this and that know all people.

A friend’s mother-in-law once said something that has stayed with me ever since.  She said, ” people are like children.  If you respect a child – no matter how small he was –  you will be doing a favor to yourself – yes; to yourself. Because tomorrow he is going to grow up and be strong and mighty. It will be his time … a payback time in the nicer sense of the words. He will love you, if you loved him.  He will respect you if you treated  him with respect; and he will always come to you for your ‘words’  if you had paid attention to what he wanted to say or tell you.

whenever I see a large body of people, listening to the speaker, I think  I am looking at a group of children, only they are a little bigger but their needs are the same. They need respect, they need love and if they have that and not just empty words, hope is sure to follow. These are three factors that bind us to each other.

I am sure all this sounds childish to you – well, maybe.  But I know one thing for sure that this is what I have practiced all my life.

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