happy is the soul that grows a garden …

A beautiful day – a happy day after so many dull drab and dreary days.

I thought I was falling ill again. But then suddenly weather changed. Low clouds, heavy with vapors, mist over the lake, a cool gust of wind and like a cherry on the top, our Sand Hill Cranes dancing a few vigorous steps. Now staying indoors was sacrilegious. Perfect day to go to a tea house. Unfortunately we do not have any here. This is Florida, a tourist destination, a fast food haven and going to a fast food place and drinking tea, smelling fried food smell wafting from the kitchen was not on my cup of tea. I went to Home Depot Garden Center.

Oh the flowers! so many kinds, shapes and colors! Suddenly I smelled roses and for sure there they were – riots of colors! Over here they have doctored the roses to the perfection but robbed them of the fragrance. Finally someone has thought of putting the fragrance back in these beauties. I can smell these roses – red, yellow, burnt sienna, dirty pink! Bought some planters, soil, seeds, and a small trellis too. It was fun. The only deterrent from buying more was; my cart was full to the capacity.

 And then it started raining.

I was suddenly transported to Wah, My beautiful Wah! This time around my mother and our gardener used to have the most serious talks. Back verandah, their “conference Room ” was the place where seed, seedlings, flower beds , vegetable beds and pruning of trees, trimming of hedges was discussed diligently, drinking teas, and Zarin Khan enjoying Rehmat bibi made  ‘samosas!

Rest in peace mama and thank you old man Zarin Khan, for making a garden grow.

Memories !

May, 29, 2013
4:44, Evening.

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