love is a funny thing …

Last night I was at the Islamic center. After the program was over, I called my hub and told him that if  he was ready, I was ready too – to go home, I mean 🙂

In the Parking lot, near our car, I saw something shining. I picked it up. It was a silver ring. I looked around to see if I could show it to whoever was there. No one was there so I put it in my purse. I knew the next day also there was a lecture and we intended to come. I thought I would give it to one of the committee members.

So today, when I took it out and looked at it, it was a silver band and the word ‘Love’  was inscribed all around it. Definitely a very special ring!

While handing it over to the Chair Lady, I said, jokingly

Yesterday, I found ‘love’ in the parking lot. “Oh really? lucky you!” I  laughed  “oh yes, that I am. Here is the proof “.. and handed the ring to her

“Are you sure it was not for you? some secret admirer left it near your car.” Well in that case, I’ll be justified if I kept it. Finders keepers you know”

“You would be breaking someone’s heart.” Now her daughter took the ring and looked at it closely. I think there is another ring – see this groove? the other would fit in here.

Okay, so find her then

Yes, two people -friends – husband and wife – girlfriend and boyfriend … certainly a pair !

We all laughed and agreed that finding the ring person was very important.

It was a long – I mean a real long session and I was a little tired so while coming back home, I decided to spend some time with my albums. This is my mantra , my ultimate relaxing exercise.

Every one in bed, handing the house over to me, I took out some albums at random.


… and the memories started tumbling down. What a beautiful time it was!  The tour package was four nights in Venice.

On the last night there, we went  for the Gondola ride. The trip started from St. Marks Square. Bill and Marrie – an older couple we had met on this tour – and we two with our two children were in one boat. We had a lovely time on the Canal. Going under the Lovers Bridge, taking pictures, receiving Geraniums thrown from the people sitting in Canal side cafes, at passing gondolas, cat calls, kisses being blown on the air ! It was fun. Italians are really fun loving people … happy people, ready to laugh with you, ready to make you laugh!

Suddenly our Gondola man started singing some Italian song, probably a romantic number. He looked at four of us, expecting some show of emotion. The sixty plus couple just laughed, just looking at us like putting the responsibility for the boat man’s demand.  But us two?  there was no question of a public show – not  in a hundred years!  Especially when he makes sure that there is at least a yard and a half’s distance between us when in public.

Romantic? us? no sir, no way 🙂

After the ride we sat in the Square and had Late’ . The children enjoyed their hot chocolate. Then the bands started playing and the couples started getting up to dance. We watched some then got up to go to the hotel. The group was starting early the next morning.

Bill, my other half and children were walking ahead of us. Marrie and myself were following them, walking slowly, talking, telling jokes, laughing. When we were getting down the Square’s stairs,  a young Italian passed us by running, then he turned and facing us, started running back words, saying something loudly. What is he saying? I asked Marrie “what did you say? Marrie asked him loudly ” I lovva ya, my fair ladies ” he said equally loudly… lovva you ” he said again blowing kisses. He turned again and ran off.

” what a nut case ” Marrie said. ” but how romantic!”  “oh I lovva ya” she tried to copy him. We laughed, almost falling over each other. Our men turned and looked at us to see what was making us behave like this. That sent us in stitches ! It was certainly Venice!

Oh Venice!!

George Sand, Robert Browning, Lady Ash Burton!  Previous night sitting on our hotel’s terrace, we talked about every one who came to this place. Cathrine Mansfield? no one was sure she ever ventured this far. This damp climate was bad for her anyways, we decided. I never tried to look up to get this information straight.

I put the album down, refreshed.  Thought about a dear friend,  assuring , that no matter what, my love for you shall always be as fragrant as always ! Maybe one day we’ll go there to-gather again and if not then that is okay too.

And then there was Abu Dhabi too. How can I forget that place? Hot and humid, big houses, High rising buildings, villas and shining cars but no humanity! Dull and drab, bloated with money,. But I still love and remember that place. It was an oasis of a different kind … a Cornish to the sea of  ….. but that is for another time. And the time I spent there was a long time ago. May be things are different now.

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