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I am incensed. Wasted so much time on useless talk. But my fault only.  “someone only bothers you as much as you allow to be bothered. ” my son once said that. This is a very sound advice but we sometimes don’t pay attention.  It is all in our hands to empower some one to keep probing into your info. Hate myself for being a victim of someone’s designs/ motives.

Actually this never could have happened if I hadn’t gone outside just to feel the feel of the wind blowing in the trees.  I was having my morning cup of tea when across the family room, through the front door, I saw  a soft wind playing with the plants and shrubs, growing near the main door.  Looked so beautiful that with my cup in hand I went out and stayed there for a long time savoring the feel of spring in the air.  A long ago memory visiting, I smiled and decided to go inside, rinse the cups and stacking them in the dishwasher, go and have an hour in the company of my albums. Turkey was on my mind because standing outside, the memory of Ahmad Mohammad and his family had visited. May be in some unknown corner of UK they thought about us at the same time – who knows!. Both our families went on vacation together to Turkey, Murad, a Turkish gentleman was with us too and it was on his insistence we had included Istanbul in our plans. Otherwise, we were going directly to Surrey, UK, where my mum and brother were.

After spending about ten days in Istanbul, Murad stayed with his parents in Istanbul, the Iraqi friends went to London and our family to Greece. and from there to Italy and then to Lake District, then Surrey.  We had talked about meeting again somewhere in London, but never did.  Any ways, I’ll come back to it later.

My mistake was that after finishing with dishwasher, I came to my room and put on my computer to look at and say my salam, my routine. Being oceans apart does not mean anything when you know you are connected somehow! This is my way of thinking 🙂

Some one else was waiting and took this opportunity to come forward and introduce. Robbed me of my moment. My mood is ruined now, I am just hitting the keys.  Once this handyman working on our internet speed is finished, I’ll go get the album, if possible, put some pics for you. and continue with my thoughts. Have to see if what I felt sipping my tea, standing outside, feeling the spring on my skin – is still there.

April, 20, 2013

Spent the morning looking for the photos. It was hard to find what I was looking for in that collection of photographs shot during all those years. And once you start looking through the albums, slowly and gradually one by one every one starts coming and joining the group. This is exactly what happened and an hour’s work became timeless journey. It was fun. One more thing – I noticed that pictures need to be transferred – either to the computer or some new acid free albums. We do not have any negatives left. They were damaged while getting transported here along with my precious crystal collected over the years. Transferring was all done by professional packers. Oh well.

Right now I am adding some pictures. Writing part I am leaving to some other time. Some times a broken chain of thought is hard to mend. Also Topkapi Museum pics are  missing. So now I shall only share a few photos and whenever the mood strikes, I would write some more about our Turkish vacation.  Murad left the UAE befor us. Ahmad Mohammad left a year later. The last we heard they were living in London. They wanted to go back to Iraq but Shia Muslims had no future under Saddam Hussain’s rule.

Children from both the families goofing around The Guard in front of  Topkapi 

Ali Imran standing in front of  Hagiya Sophia

Do not remember the name but it was on the Bosphorus .

Dolmabahce Palace.

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