across the river …

Excerpts fromĀ  …

He woke up with a start and sat bolt upright.

He was fast asleep, a deep sleep, tired and sleepless sleep; and suddenly someone pulled him out of his semi unconscious state – softly touched him on the shoulder. “wake up” a whisper came close to his lips, and suddenly he was awake. He looked all around him but there was nothing unusual – everything was just as it was the night before or even before that. He tried to listen if there was some intruder in the house. Nothing. Even the room felt as it always felt … belonging mostly to his wife.

In the dim light coming from the night lamp, he saw the curtains moving. But it was because the fans were on. Then he realized that he was thinking about her. Denying all the time, pushing the thought, the image away from his thoughts. This irritated him. ‘ why, am I going crazy ? senile? He rubbed his eyes. ‘This is definitely not me. I need to get my head examined’
He again shook his head but it was hard to shake off those hauntingly beautiful black eyes, flecked with something like burnished gold. And those curled up thick eyelashes! He had never before seen such eyes. Looking at her he had always wondered about her younger days and how she looked then.

“What is it honey?” Carol woke up and turning towards him put her hand on his arm.
” Nothing. Go back to sleep”
” Then why are you sitting up? come, lie down please.”
“Go to sleep, carol” his voice was a notch higher than usual this time.
Carol withdrew her hand and again turned to her side, taking an exaggerated, loud breath.

She was fast asleep within minutes, leaving him sitting up in the dark.

He had to make a decision, and soon. She didn’t have much time left but before that happened, he was going to pitch in whatever was there in his capacity. She was a challenge to his profession.

The wheels were already in motion.

April, 2013.

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