i love …


programming the laundry machine
for a delicate load.
A quick lunch
popping in the microwave
a grocery list – do not forget
the Fuji apples – organic please!
And Granny Smith
is a must.
Missing buttons
broken ironing board?
oh please, Oh Please!!

And Ata Turab sends his lovely poem
that also sends me
to my baby days!
Among all this hubbab, I think about you
Doing this, now doing that
hopping to
another destination
Far or close
I have no clue.

I love my days
for the end of a day
brings the night.
With tingling fingers, I hold the hour.
Watching hands, holding books,
looking over reading glasses
giving me a thought.
I cup my hands and hold it to my heart

April, 11, 2013
6:06 Evening.

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