night listens …

Majlis at the Center. jaana zuroorii thha. A friend’s father in law had died yesterday.

On our way back home, the light drizzle that had met us while driving to the Center, had stopped. There was no traffic on the roads and everything looked so open and wast and beautiful under silver edged clouds, swimming in a blue haze. The Moon the glorious Moon would come out every now and then looking for some answers. I do not have any answers – a whisper I heard.

Only an hour ago I had seen her with tears in her eyes and thought about a long ago poem –

Our car was now on Lake Jesup bridge and on both sides of the bridge the lake was alive with marine life. Alligators were out cruising in the moon-lit night. I could see their eyes burning on the water..

Night is long and silent … very !

Feb, 25, 2013
11:49 pm.

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