my dear doc.

Finally I put courage in both my hands, pushed and nudged and landed myself in my doctor’s office for my routine check ups. And when I came out of his office, ‘unbelievable ‘ was written all over my face.

He said everything was fine. Nothing to worry about. The only minus point was my blood report that shows  vitamin D deficiency.

“Why?” was his stern question.

“I don’t know.”  My meek answer.

“Living in Florida and you are D deficient? You want medication when you can have it free of charge?”  He said, short of yelling at me.

I dared not open my mouth.

“You don’t sit in the patio”


“Sometimes is not good. Go out everyday and spend at least half an hour under the Sun.”  He ordered.

“Okay.”  another meek response.

” I will order another blood test in a month”


And that was it. So why am I not feeling happy and relieved??

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