love bugs

I was out all day – almost.

My other half  had some work, work that Realtors do and he wanted me to tag along. The bait was:

” I will buy you lunch”

which I took because  kitchen and I are not the best of buddies.  But a lady is not supposed to jump at the first offer so I said I want to stay light because children are planning dinner for tonight (our wedding anniversary). He promised he would buy me my fave, vegetable sub.  There was no further excuse or  resistance 🙂

In Florida, Love Bug season has started. Don’t ask me  what they are. I shan’t be able to explain. They are just some pesky bugs that  love each other “till the death do the pair  part”  and when their season starts, they are everywhere. They are enemy # 1 of cars. These intoxicated with love, bugs hit the car full speed and lo and behold, poor dears are just a brown spot on the front of the car, all over ( there, I acquainted them to you. Please don’t mourn their death, they are not worth your tears ) and if you don’t take care to clean the gunk right away, you will pay to clean the wind screen and the rest of the body, dearly.

The place we went is a newly developed housing community. The moment I stepped out of the car, I was assaulted by love bugs relentlessly. In my hair, on my face, sticking on to my clothes. Two of them even came and sat on my chin. Perverts! They were everywhere.

The day was beautiful. A beautiful blue sky and tufts of white clouds floating in this lofty vastness and I felt a little lost, which I was since morning. Please don’t do this to me, I said to no one or maybe to One, who is always listening.

On our way home I read my poem to him that I had written the night  news came on about the innocent Afghan civilians,  massacred in the middle of the night when they were sound asleep; women and children! A boy escaped, somehow. We both were quiet for a few miles after I had finished reading it. Maybe it was not the right ending note for being out to-gather but ….

I will post this poem soon, for you.

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