favorite son of the soil

A few days back washingtonpost.com writes:

“…… escalation of a bitter fight between the two Democratic front-runners that has taken on a new dimension because of the involvement of Bill Clinton, the titular leader of the party. While his wife campaigns elsewhere, the former president has been making daily appearances in South Carolina in anticipation of the state’s Democratic primary on Saturday, and he has adopted the role of attacking his wife’s opponent the way a vice presidential candidate traditionally does in a general election……”

Well tonight was that Saturday and we witnessed Obama coming out victorious. A very confident, every bit Presidential looking Obama, standing on the podium, delivering a victory speech… and I finally told myself that yes this is the one. What I mean is that I was not sure who I was going to give my vote to but tonight after listening to him, watching him, it finally felt like coming home.

It started way back when all of a sudden he was all over the news. New favorite son of the soil. African American? hmmm good.

Democrat ? hmmm even better.

Around forty. Golly! thats too good.

A young person in the White House? We need that. No more old rotten politics! Fresh blood, Fresh ideas; the White House will get a new, dazzling and real coat of white paint. Good, Good.

That was our Obama. The new Rising Star on the American political horizon. We started paying attention. Whenever his name was mentioned all other sounds would subdue. We saw his face on the TV screen and we were all ears.

“What? what did he say? Hush you all, let me listen what he is saying.”

We saw his mugshot in any newspaper, and we had to read to see what the writer was giving us to read.
Then there were Debates … Cooper style… a whole new vista! Fresh blood, new ideas, and the change you could feel, humming in the air! If there was some anxiety throbbing behind the cool facade maintained by the candidates, it was not visible. They all looked beautiful with not a single hair out of place.

Coming back to Obama, during those debates, I was not sure what I was looking for that would help me make up my mind.

Barack Obama is civil, he is polite. He looks honest and sincere in his actions. I have not seen him put on a show with his family for the world to see. A lingering kiss here a suggestive hug there. So then what was holding me back since I had no other Presidential candidate in my mind?

It was Bill, Bill Clinton. I was ready to vote for him if he ran again for the President’s post. Every time I thought about electing a new President, I would think about Bill Clinton. But now? not anymore. He is not on the pedestal anymore. I do not even feel sorry for that. He himself lost it.

Permitted that all is fair in love and war.

But we are conservative people. We value respect not only in our own eyes for ourselves, but we look for the same thing in others too. We look for decency in one’s actions, in behavior. What puts us off is seeing two grown up people behaving like spoiled kids from rich families out on a mission to get what they want – by hook or by crook. The way they handled their defeat last night will turn even the most faithful away from them. They just ran away to the next state not even congratulating the winner properly.

I am so ashamed of what my favorite person is doing these days. I again ask why is Pres. Clinton doing that? Why is he deriding Obama? I cringe when I look at his face distorted with some inner frenzy to soil Obama’s name.

Sometimes I think about the vulnerabilities we deal with every day. The weaknesses we try to hide and temptations we sometimes succumb to. We remember the troubled times in their life. It was most unbecoming of a person sitting in such high office but, we err, we succumb to the temptation and then it happens, what happened. So. keeping that in mind, can we say its an opportunity for redemption? Or, payback time? I supported you through THAT upheaval now dear husband its your time to make sure I get what I am aiming for. Is that it?

But the most important question is – do they care about their party? Because in their frenzy to win the White House, what they are doing is very damaging to their own party.

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