…. so he said, ‘would you like me to drop you at home or you would rather wait here in the car while I go in the store and make a few photo copies of these documents?

‘I am coming with you.’ she said May be, I will look around a little. I love looking at beautiful things. Who knows, I might find something interesting’.

He laughed. ‘ you talk like you have a money bag! but sure, you can come with me.’

‘No, better drop me at home.Too bad, I don’t have a money bag. And on a bright and beautiful, sunny afternoon like this, I am not letting anything make me feel deprived.’

But by the time she finished, they had already passed their subdivision. So he drove on to where he could make his copies. He parked the car in front of the store. Just then she noticed the lotto sign in the store window. She was about to ask him to buy her a scratch game ticket that Another thought raced through her mind…getting three tickets has a better chance of winning something .. but three dollars is a lot of money and I would rather not think about spending on a chance game. She was still thinking and he had already disappeared behind the glass door. She smiled at whoever had made up her mind for her and saved her a few bucks. She closed her eyes and leaned back on the car seat.

She had almost dozed off when he came back grinning from ear to ear. Why what happened? she asked. You would not believe what happened. he reached back to put his folder on the back seat.

I hadn’t the exact change on me so I gave the tenner I had and since I was feeling lucky, I told him to give me a scratch game ticket too. I scratched and it revealed 10 dollars. So, I bought 3 scratch game tickets for you because this is how you play. The rest I put in my pocket. He winked. It sure is a bright sunny day !!

She smiled back. How do you do that?
He arched his eyebrows and raised his shoulders.

Now go on, he said. show me what you are hiding in there.
She started scratching and one by one revealed 3 Qs.
What do you get when you get three Qs? . she handed him the ticket and started on second one.

Hey here is your money bag kid, you have won 25 dollars? he laughed again and started the car.

The other two tickets didn’t have anything.

She looked at him. What a lovely day. I am happy .. and life is beautiful. She touched his hand

I know you want me to drive back to that gift store. come on say it, he laughed.
no, oh no. I am going to invest this God send.
oh ok, and what kind of plan are we talking about? he was still laughing.
Simple. For the next one week I will buy three scratch game tickets each day. I feel lucky already !

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