Its ratings. Its all about ratings.

All day long i was hearing about Paris Hilton’s interview on Larry King live at 9:pm. I thought I would watch it but when it was time for the interview, I was doing something that I didn’t want to leave in the middle so I didn’t go to the family room; and kept working on the computer. I knew that for the next day or two, it would stay on the news channels. Some one on some pretext would show the segments of this ‘Paris talking to Larry’ etc. I was not missing something important. I mean, I felt sorry for her when I saw her crying like how an ordinary, normal human being would do in such situation and I felt like comforting her like a mother would do to a child in trouble.

Then it was time for Anderson Cooper 360. This is not something that i would willingly miss. my work was finished anyways; so I went to join my hubby in the family room.

And there he was; our Anderson Cooper – talking about Paris and showing parts of the interview that had finished just a while back. There were three ‘experts’ with AC and with their help he was trying to understand who this Paris person really was.

People are not dumb. I am sure most of us saw what AC was doing. Every body knows Hilton is a ‘hot news’ right now and he was doing what he was supposed to do …. working for the ratings. Oh its fun watching these media people dipping their fingers; now how difficult was that to see? I love Ac. I really do. He is smart, he is sophisticated, he is intelligent and he is sly too. Has anybody seen a silver cheetah with black spots? AC, with his intense, boring down glance often reminds me of that sly cheetah. so the cheetah was out tonight hunting for the ratings. The world was shut out. PARIS HILTON was on; the world could wait.

With a little smirk lurking behind disdain he was trying to understand why people like her? What is it that has made her popular?

Well, didn’t he know he was doing the same thing. He was helping her gain this popularity that he said he didn’t understand.

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