my blog is officially on today.

it was my younger son who said, ma I am going to set up a blog page for you.
actually, it started even before that. my web page was so old now that it had lost all its luster. I was not adding anything new. people had stopped visiting, sometimes leaving a message suggesting to update the page, or emailing, telling me to wake up. So I told my son that enough was enough, and I was bruised all over with all the elbows I was getting from all directions. Better roll the red carpet – which was not red any more – and pull down the shutters. It didn’t happen right away but I knew he had listened and it willhappen in due time.

So when he was ready he told me he was setting up a blog for me. He gave me the instructions to navigate, what, where, how and when of what I would be doing. He said I was already kind of blogging when hardly anyone was doing that. And how was that? It was a place in my old website, that I had started many many years ago and where I would go when the mood would strike and write my inner thoughts, excerpts and snippets from my correspondence, from my stories, or from whatever I had read and it had left some kind of impression on me. that corner was my ‘retreat’.

hmmmm so my son was reading what i was writing. felt good to find that out:) he himself is an accomplished writer, photographer and movie maker….

to be continued …

june,26 9:47pm

sorry, it took me so long to get back. i was busy. actually i still am busy. i am doing some translation work …from English to urdu. its a commencement speech for the Graduation Ceremony in some university. its a
good speech. impressive i should say. i am sure the grads liked listening to it. contains lots of good sense and it would do them good to remember it while walking through the life.

to be continued …

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