the writer inside you

Blogging is good. it gives you a chance to unload. Its a kind of catharsis.

Let me regroup my thought process:

My son sent me a ninety years young person’s blog page. I call him young because he is mentally alert and thinking his own thoughts. Not only thinking but sitting down to write them for the whole world to read. I think about ninety years of experiences,… places he went, people he met, friends he made and friends he lost. Heartaches and happy moments, …. ninety years worth blogging ! Isn’t blogging wonderful?

I am one of those fortunate people who people trust with their secrets. They open up their inner souls to me. I have never breached this unspoken, non written contract titled ‘your secret is safe with me’ Actually the word secret is never mentioned; neither by me nor by the other person. They just feel comfortable talking to this good listener who never judges or starts advising, giving examples of
other people.

When you are hurting inside you just want to talk, express your grief out loud, like talking to yourself … you don’t want any advise. I say that because I know that.

In my school days I got pushed by two girls behind me who were fighting over something. I fell on the marble floor. My forehead hit the floor hard and there was blood on my face, my clothes, on the floor.
The house nurse took care of the cut and the word was sent home for some one to come pick me up. My brother was sent to get me. He looked at me sternly. Once we were out of the school he jerked my hand and said, “hasn’t anybody told you to look where you are going? Always a mischief maker”. I was hurting and the pain was not making me happy either. I wanted someone to hold and hug this nine years old; not admonish. I didn’t say anything but I really wanted to sock his jaw… about ten years my senior!

That was Pakistan … many, many moons ago.

Sorry, got carried away. Back to blogging.
sometimes someone asks, “how do you write? where do you get your ideas from? what makes you pick up your pen and start writing? Do you make things up or they are real stories of real people …. Do you think I can also write?” all kinds of questions.

I don’t know how many people I might have told to test the waters. “Everyone has a writer hiding inside… or waiting to be discovered. ”

“how can I do that?” next question.

Its so easy. Start with keeping a journal. Every night before you go to bed, open your journal and start writing. Just about anything that comes to your mind. How did the day pass, for example. Soon you would lose yourself in the maze of your mind.”

Did I say mind? hmmmm. mind.

We will talk about mind some other day.

riffat murtaza.

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