chain letters

I am not one of those who take part in chain letter activity.

Simply put, chain letters business is not for me. I do not understand why they are circulated. There used to be a time when the receiver was asked to send letters to 40/50 people. I got such letter in mail, in Pakistan some thirty years ago. How can a college student send 40/50 letters to ….who? class mates? and where to get the ….cost of mailing? My monthly college fee was 20 rupees and even that was considered high for crying out loud!

Again – I do not understand why they are circulated , and why people fall for the good fortune promised in the last lines of the letter? Surely the originator is making a fool of his victims and having a good laugh? This is all I can think of.

But yesterday I broke my promise … ignored my resolution and forwarded seven chain letters to my friends. Why? after holding on to my promise for some thirty + years? Let me explain.

It was a picture of a bursting star … a phenomenal picture … something really ‘out of this world’ the sender had named the picture “the eye of GOD.” It truly looked like an eye and the first glance definitely sent a shiver down my spine. I wanted to share it with my friends. The letter wanted the receiver to send out to seven people. Not bad; seven is not too many. I carefully selected seven friends who I knew have a soft and polite demeanor and would not get upset on this intrusion. Then there was a promise of reward too. Very good! The wouldn’t mind!

So I forwarded the message seven times. And now that I had finally taken a plunge, I decided to wait for the “definite Reward” “Send seven copies and by the end of the day something good will happen to you. The chain must not be broken”

Ok, so lets wait for “something good.” I saved the link, didn’t let the chain to break. I must get my reward. I shall not go into details but I will say that I was inconvenienced. Can I call this “reward?” definitely not.

I am back to my resolution.

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