winter in Sochi …

Life is standing still, not that I mind this inactivity. Sometimes I welcome this respite and take it as a long overdue interval of rest and to rejuvenate. Especially when 2014 Winter Olympic is going on in Sochi, Russia and My Man Putin is there. Yes, he was there with… I do not know who and why they were looking so stern like a heavy set and squarish school ma’am and headmaster saab!

I was being told over and over again, being reminded like three times in a day that Friday night is the Olympic Opening Night and we are going to watch that. Okay !!. Actually this – in a subtle way – was being reminded me that we would be watching only – mind you – only Winter Olympic, nothing else. Now note this that apart from a half hour or sometimes a full hour of watching some Pakistani drama, I do not watch TV at all. I have an old, rather a chronic feud with this anti social machine, though its time, I had let it go because a far more potent, anti social “elements “ have taken over and changed the World. And those political talk shows? Oh God Almighty!! But, …I should be fair because they also need to eat something! Though that is a different issue altogether that their hunger pangs for $ s are never satiated. I read online news papers and that is good enough for me So where was I? Oh yes the reminders.

So on this holy night of Friday we sat down to watch the Opening Ceremony in Sochi, in Russia, on our television in our family room. The Ceremony was good, it was impressive. I specially loved Team America – young, happy, carefree, exuberant, contestants, full of life. So we started watching the ceremony, enjoying, commenting, even suggesting < > But slowly, the verve started to diminish. First yawn, soon a second one, a sudden grunt, a … nah why say more but fact of the matter is at 10:pm, , the ceremony that was supposed to start at 7:30 but didn’t because of commercials – was still keeping the World watching, and doing oohs and aahs – I was the only one in my house, left watching. Rest of the family was fast asleep in la la lands!

Okay, no sweat ! I made myself cozy on my recliner and watched. It was a beautiful experience… and I like quiet anyways! Since a family member’s flight to Canada was leaving very early in the morning, I got up right after the ceremony was over and left imam e zamin along with Quran on the table near the entrance door, leaving the rest to whoever was up at that time to say Khuda Hafiz, I hit the pillow around 2: in the morning and went to sleep instantly.

Today at 11:30 in the morning was women’s figure skating. I absolutely love figure skating. If I was born in a different culture, I certainly would have gone for that. But then I also like ballet and Indian classical dances and Opera singing? I cry buckets listening to a diva. Once I spent a whole night listening to Umm e Kulsum, singing only one line and that too – of course in Arabic. But the way she played that one line in a variation of notes, of different moods was amazing. … I am side tracking again!

Why I had to watch figure skating today? my lovely little granddaughter has a class assignment to watch, design, and make a dress just like worn by these figure skating females. And guess who is supposed to “HELP” ? So loaded with paper, pencil, camera and serious professional expressions on our faces we watched the event.

We took pictures, discussed dresses worn by these skaters, suitable fabric glitter and sequins. Also, appreciated their moves their power and vigour and guessed how many points some wonderful performance had reserved for the performer.

We haven’t decided if we had decided on anything, but when ever we decide, design, and cut and sew it, would love to share it with you,my friends.


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