richer …

“I’ve got nothing to do today but smile.”
― Paul Simon

Yes, nothing to do except going through old times, old friends – connections! Its rewarding, its hilarious a little sad, a lot of good will !

How silly one could get! Arguments for no good reason – getting angry, not talking, vowing to never even say hello and then one of the two would relent and send an olive branch. Again talking, sharing… laughing, suggesting. But that does not make it a romantic connection – just something special!. It happens when minds match, eyes look in the same direction- one says something and the other thinks ‘oh, that was exactly what I was going to say ‘ Does it sound all made up? No it does not. Because it happens.

Then somewhere something goes wrong – an unfortunate word, a rash remark, a care two hoots behavior and that brings down everything. The magic disappears. Whatever it was, has run its course.

” We meet, we feel the spell
and linger there
Then by the by …. ”

Got the picture?

And so we go our way, but not empty handed.  A lot richer in many ways.

Sept.4, 2013

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