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Last Wednesday I was on the road again. I mean another long drive. Invited to dine at a friend’s. It was good … met some old friends. Sitting there, talking, listening, and enjoying, a question popped in my mind. ‘ how old is old? ‘ I am a scatter brain for sure because it is always busy at different levels. I am there and yet not there. I listen , participate in the conversation but … I do my… best not to seem to be absent minded.

‘how old is old? eleven years plus twenty six years equals to thirty seven years. Oh my! thirty seven years !! we have been friends for thirty seven years ? seems like it was only yesterday that some one introduced us. She needed a lift and a driver was coming to drive me home. (I was trying to get a driving license but the policy there was to make it difficult for women drivers to pass the test… Sorry, I strayed. I was talking about my friend )

So, while driving her to her house, we introduced ourselves properly and somehow, while talking about our families, our countries, interests, our children, we just clicked. I have no idea how could that happen because I am reserved, rather quiet, more interested in listening than talking. She is the total opposite. The only common thing was our love of listening to a good “marsia” and appreciating a good majlis by a learned aalim. I think that was what bonded us.

Now The question is why some friendships, you want to hold on to but – even putting your life on line – you fail. Sometimes we have the same roots, almost ditto likes and dislikes, move in our own spheres, but love to get to-gather for a lively healthy exchange of ideas. Respect and care for the other’s life and responsibilities and yet nothing seems to work. Strange, isn’t it. There has to be a reason – a powerful, believable, reason.
I discussed this to my “thirty-seven year friendship” friend. She didn’t take time to give an answer. “The only thing is gender difference. If one is a man and the other is a woman , things become complicated.”

Maybe she was right.

July, 11, 2013
11:14 Morning.

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