a story emerges …

A story emerges.

 He is friendly, too cute on her, puts her on cloud nine with his smooth talking, when she is caught – hook, bait and sinker – he changes color. Like a chameleon, he keeps changing colors. He starts blaming her for baseless stories and reasons. Then shouts, becomes rude, moody, sweet again, rude again – moody. Then one day just ups and disappears. Meantime she scratches her head and with a clear vision starts a backward journey and that is when she becomes aware of a shadow lurking in the background.
Appears that the shadow is a young girl, almost half his age.

 Why didn’t she see that before? Well simple answer is love puts blinders on your intelligence and your Common sense becomes a road kill.

She picks up the thread and starts counting the knots. Everything is loud and clear now. Ahem! excuse me but she discovers that he is a two timer. The “cry for love” letters he wrote to her were probably a ‘ copy, paste ‘

The shadow girl too goes hiding.

She emerges.  Looks like this one has more nerves than her predecessor – maybe.  would she too get jilted?

That is too early to say. But one thing is confirmed.
And what is that?

He is a psychopath.

( now  all I have to do now is  a little brushing up  and the story would be ready. This is not a new plot  … has been repeated hundreds of times but it is still people love to read.  Don’t they? )

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