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Morning of   April, 26, 2013


Where is he?

Where is my souls delight?

My North, my West my South and East?

He is not here amongst you who conceive nothing.

Where has he gone?

He is not here, not here –

Not even the compassing aroma of his presence,

dwells amongst you who receive nothing.

I look here, I look there,

I look up and down, I cannot see even the shadow of his beard.

Oh, believers, speak to me !

Tell me where he has gone, who shone like a blue flame

in my conceiving eye.

Should I be grateful for the incomparable beauty of his face,

or for the sweet severity of his demeanor?

Even if his lucid soul is not sketched

in the memory of his body, it does not matter;

My LOVE revolves like the plants around the storm of his Sun.

Call out for ‘Shams’ my soul requires him,

Chant his familiar names of friendship,

lighten the gravity of our grief.

Divan 1235


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