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Sent: Tuesday, March 05, 2013 2:04 PM
Subject: Greetings
Drear Riffat.
Where are Khan Sahib now a days? No news from you what so ever.
I think the literary activities are raising their heads all over USA and Canada.  Well, I think it is about time. But I am planing to go to NY only and that is for Attiq Siddiqi’s book opening some time in Mar/Apr.
Your fans from NM to NY are missing you very much. Your fan in NY Nusrit  Bajji says that
Riffat is mad at her.  Do you know that Joher Mir called he Nasdurat,  Bajji and since than she is Bajji of NY.
Zavia is under print as we speak. Your story “Adhai Raat” is included in the magazine. Also a great collection  of letter between N.M Rashid and Saqi Farooqi is there too.
Our next issue will be dedicted to Dr. Zahoor Awan Sahib. and after that we will be on the road. My  kind friend Abdullah Javed Sahib from Canada has kindly sent me a translation of great Kafka’s short story. I am thinking to add a short article in the same issue on Kafka.
Can you assist me on that. Much obliged..  Love  Irshad.
Dear Irsad,
I agree with what you are saying.
Why am I mad at Nusrat Baji? really, do not understand why she said that. Do I know her?
I remember one Nusrat who wrote something in Zavia, when Mir sahib was alive and I telling him that it was a very nice article.
Is she the same person? Though we never were in contact, but this much I would say that she is a good writer.
So Khan sahib, I have started waiting for Zavia already.The letters between these two would be an interesting read. Waiting for that too.
Kafka? My word – yes – I would do that for you.
Good to know about Attiq Siddiqi’s book opening. Prose? Poetry?
Okay Khan sahib … thoray ko bohat janiyay.
Talk to you later.


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