dear day …

It is so bright and sunny today that I just want to go out and sit by the water and NOT THINK ABOUT ANYTHING. I need to go somewhere and hide from myself. No matter how much I try to discipline my thinking, I fail miserably. M.Z Iqbal, my classmate once pointed at a beggar woman and said ” we talk about contentment and happiness .. look over there, you would see that .. in person! “. At that time we thought he was so right but today, if I saw him I would tell him how wrong he was.

I read some poems. They fluster me. But no, no reading for me today. I am going to clean the mess on my desk and start all over again. I was told to do what I desired to do. This is what i desire to do today. This should be a daily business. Ask the day every morning … dear day what do you want to do today and then do it.

Stark heartlessness!!

Those poems once again – they seem to be talking to whoever is reading them. And why I have this sneaking feeling that many fluttering hearts would swoon !!

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