… O my Master,

Last night, the twenty first night of the month of Ramadhan, I listened to the Munajat of Imam Ali and cried a million tears. It humbles me every time I read or listen to it. I mean, think for a moment that this is Imam Ali – the epitomeĀ  of piety and spirituality, of knowledge, of bravery, humbling himself before Almighty Allah. Seeking His favor and asking for His forgiveness.

“My Master, O my Master,

You are the Giver, and I am the beggar,

and who can have mercy on the beggar except the Giver.

My Master, O My Master

You are the Authority and I am the one examined,

and who can have mercy on the one examined Except the Authority …..
“..and when the servant ( of Allah) turns to His master in the middle of the night and does Munajat, Allah will illuminate his heart..”

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