the prayer of an Afghan woman

(An Afghan woman prays at the graves of her husband and son who have been killed by NATO soldiers)

Oh! the killers of my husband and son.

Sitting on the graves of my husband and son,

who fell victim to the savagery of your bullets,

my curse would have brought doom for you,

but the human passion still reigns my heart.

I pray your wives never see my horrible fate,

to shed the streams of tears on your deaths.

I pray your children bloom before your eyes,

you may never suffer the grief of their loss.

I pray God make you leave my land,

and guide you to lead a humanitarian life.

I pray you may never kill an innocent soul,

and save you always from His Divine Wrath.


By: Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, LLD

Lucknow, U.P, India.

(A note:  this poem has also been translated in French)

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