Yesterday was my wedding anniversary.

I love this very busy month.  Apart from our anniversary, there are two birthdays in the family. Three of my friends celebrate their wedding anniversaries, two nephews have birthdays and a friend’s daughter also expects her mom’s friend must remember her special day.

So, yesterday was my turn to receive calls and cards and gifts. The only thing missing was a nice and cool weather. In Pakistan, the place where I got married, was the most beautiful, clean and green place. I used a past tense here. Why? because I have heard that pollution and carelessness and indifferent attitudes have robbed the place of it beauty and tranquility. I cannot imagine a place like that where air smelled of jasmine and roses could be no more.

I remember the rows of colorful sweet pea flowers where I would spend my afternoons, lying on the lush and green grass, watching an intensely blue sky and listening to the birds in my mothers fruit trees.  Zarin Khan, our gardener was always very unhappy to find me there ” kho, bibi tum kiyoun lait-ta  he idar. apne kmre mein jaao na” (Bibi, this is no place to lie down.  Better go to your room.)

And one day in a month called September, I got married and left my mother’s house.

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