future of the world

My five years old granddaughter should be offered some job in the government.

She was sitting on the porch with her dada enjoying the winter sun. A butterfly was flitting around a nearby bush. She was admiring its beauty, its colors and the way it was going around the bushes looking for flowers. That stirred dada’s memories and he took stuff out of his memory bank. The story was about his cousin who had a hobby of catching butterflies and then putting them in his big, butterfly album.

The seven years old who is a kind hearted gentle soul, was not happy to hear that. She thought the man was cruel.

The five year old who was languishing on a deck chair, just shot up,

“What a bad, bad idea for the future of the world! without butterflies everything would become yuky. Didn’t anybody tell him that, dada!!”

it sure is hard to believe that these words came out of a five years young mind?

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