on principle

I have a bad taste in my mouth.

What happened there in Columbia University made me sick in the stomach. What is wrong with us? We invite some one in our home and treat him in such shoddy manner? We claim to be educated and civilized. So then what happened to decency, respect, politeness? Why an educated President of a prestigious University tried to set up negative mood for the audience – who probably came with an open mind to listen to the guest and make their own judgment – in his opening speech? Who was he trying to please? impress?

It was Columbia University after all and if that prestigious institution invites somebody to their halls then of course it means something. But setting a tone or mood before hand in my opinion is same as denying someone freedom of speech and in a broader sense, human rights as well. This is all so subtle, smooth operation. No one notices.

I do not agree with Iranian President on many issues but on principle, I was all respect for him the way he handled this mistreatment. He didn’t loose his poise, his composure. Insults were hurled at him in front of the whole world. He was called a petty and cruel dictator and he was told that he was uneducated. There were some other harsh words. It was a rude speech; not becoming of a university president.

Why can’t a person be polite and respectful and still be detached and firm? We don’t have to be belligerent to tell the other person that we don’t agree with him and his ideas.

And the media? true to their real self, were clamoring for the ratings, trying to outdo each other … Oh, they had a field day and they would keep having it till the next ‘ a cow flew over the moon’ headline.

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